This website is about Jim’s experience programming mobile apps and desktop applications, primarily using WebKit and Sencha programming tools.

He includes a some background, code, and a little philosophy acquired from years of programming experience. There’s also a little poetry, just for fun.

  • About WebKit is about why we target WebKit to write a portable app for mobile and desktop devices.
  • iOS to Android (Architectures) lists some of the differences between the iOS and Android environments.
  • iOS to Android (Implementation) describes in more detail what it was like to port an iOS app to Android using JavaScript and PhoneGap. The entire process took three weeks, instead of the 3 months that it would have taken to rewrite it in Java.
  • Portability Resources lists several frameworks and other tools you can use to help port a JavaScript app across mobile platforms.
  • Debugging lists important links to documents about how to debug web apps in various browsers. It also contains a list of remote debugging tools.
  • OO Know How is Jim’s perspective on the real advantage of object-oriented programming – it improves how you think about programming problems.
  • Sencha Touch 2 list some links related to his work as a senior technical trainer at Sencha.

October, 2012 : the mobile world just changed. Windows phones claim to be HTML5 compatible, allowing Sencha to announce that their Touch 2 framework will work with them too. This applies to other frameworks, such as Cordova (PhoneGap) and JQuery Mobile. MicroSoft has a shameful track record of following standards. I will report soon on how well they are doing this time.